Exclusive Interview With Madman State

Exclusive Interview With Madman State

Fast rising London based rapper Madman State, recently released a song titled “Believe it Now” featuring emotive singer Anousha. Having supported the likes of Foreign Beggars, Onoe Caponoe (High Focus Records), MC Bushkin (Heartless Crew) and Children Of Zeus, Madman State is firmly embedded in the London hip-hop scene and has won a loyal fan base.Check out the interview beneath and be sure to stream “Believe it Now” .

1. Who is Madman State?

Live with the vibe, fresh out the west ! Madman State is an Artist, producer and occasional actor who puts together melodies and songs to incite excitement and happiness in my followers. I love creating man, its as simple as that. If you want to define me overall just call me a walking creator who can hardly be in suspended animation for too long lol.

2. What motivated you to write ‘Believe it Now ’

That song right there was a uplifting vibe I wanted to focus a lot of re. positive energy into. Basically I just wanted to focus heavily on the importance of being yourself 110 percent unapolagetically no matter what anyone else thinks. It feels good to execute your thoughts and ideas with no filter, I basically wanted to highlight the importance of manifesting things through dediaction and hard work. All that sweet jazz right there!

3. Tension was hand selected for a special screening at the 2020 London Music Video Festival award. How do you feel about that?

Ah man I was stoked to hear that. Really wasn’t thinking anything. would come from that video but it did what it did and I was so gassed about that nomination. Definitely pushed me to keep striving for more after seeing what was possible.

4. How long have you been making music?

Hmm, probably around under 10 years now? Been a proper journey of learning instruments, producing, songwriting etc.. It all started from writing raps to show off in the playground back in school days haha.

5. Your music was featured on the ‘Stop, Speak, Support’ 2018 campaign launched by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. How do you feel about that?

Super stoked! Was so exciting and made me realise I could achieve things with my creativity that I couldn’t even imagine before. The fact that my song was played nationwide in people’s homes and on streaming TV services, proper made me ecstatic man!

6. What do you enjoy most being a musician?

I think in the simplest form its the ability to continually write new ideas and compositions, it feels like the flow of creative ideas is endless and sometimes I wonder if its possible that I’ll ever be able to get down all my ideas within a lifetime lol. Other than that the other part I enjoy most is performing, such a exilirating feeling for real.

7. Are you currently working on any music project? If yes! Could you share what your fans should expect from the project with us?

Hmm, might be too early to say but I definitely have some standout singles in the pipeline which I’m preparing for. Some of them may go towards a solid body of work but for now I’m just experimenting with song ideas and individual singles. But definitely watch this space for the coming future

8. Did COVID-19 affect your music making process? If yes was it positively or negatively?.

I think for the most part it didn’t affect me too much, the only thing that was a bummer was not being able to perform. I was craving for a stage ! Lol, but nah otherwise it wasn’t too bad. I had lots of time to work on new material and projects. It also inspired the ‘Lockdown’ freestyle music video that I put out around the beginning of Lockdown (be sure to go check it out ��).

9. Do you have any artiste that you intend collaborating with.If yes! Who would it be?

Haha ah man, I definitely have some dream collaborations that would be sick. These include Kojey Radical, Skunk Anansie, Toro y moi, Pat Lok, Ocean Wisdom to name a few. Regarding the scene I’m part of though theres many peers I think a collab would be sick with. To name a couple, Too many T’s, Shocka and Jessica Wilde..

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