Cardi B Set To Release A New Single

Cardi B has announced that she will be releasing her long-awaited single off her sophomore album very soon. During her Instagram Live on Friday, Cardi told fans to expect the lead track soon.

“My single’s coming very, very soon, OK guys?” she told her 80,000 viewers.

“My single’s coming when I lose weight…never!” she joked before adding, “No, it’s coming real soon, I swear. Y’all gon’ love it.”



The song has been a long time coming and was reportedly delayed due to a protracted renegotiation with her label Atlantic Records, but it appears that she has reached a resolution.

Cardi has not released any solo music since “Press” in May 2019, but she has teased the long-awaited follow-up to her 2018 debut Invasion of Privacy.

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