Falana Ends Her “Chapter One Tour” With A Captivating Performance In Abuja.

The African Chapter One tour that opened at Terra Kulture in Lagos and swept through two key cities (Accra & Kigali) on the continent, in style,  reached its pinnacle in the Capital of Nigeria, Abuja.

The night’s musical entertainment started out with stirring performances from Jessica Bongo and Blessing Tegban before the High Priestess of Alternative Soul made her procession to the stage, which she made her altar on a picturesque night.

Using the lights and her voice to drive the enthralled audience through her exhilarating performance, Falana held the audience steadfastly with monologues that ranged from the comedic to the rousing.

As it always is with Falana, the night was an exhibition of art that was bigger than just the music and the Abuja residents present were definitely awed by the standard set by the performances on the night.

There were pressing inquiries as to the details of the Chapter Two after the fitting finale for the Chapter One Tour.

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