Brand New Fiery Rendition Of Brown Skin Girl By Ivlyn Mutua

Ivlyn Mutua Mellifluously ‘covers’ Beyonce’s Brown Skin Girl. Ivlyn Mutua blessed and perfectly delivered a cover of Beyonce’s song ‘Brown Skin Girl Flawlessly. Aside from the overwhelming authentic and aesthetic vibes, lvlyn’s voice and gestures increase the levels of liveliness and energy which are present in her cover. “The cover captures the love and warmth present in the original song by Beyonce featuring Blue Ivy Carter, SAINT JHN & Wizkid.

Ivlyn confidently describes, “My team and I are convinced that this cover will bring about excellent amounts of opportunities, listeners along with energy and enthusiasm like never before”. Although this is just a cover, it does teach us how a young, promising, talented and 

hard-working artist like lvlyn Mutua can grow rapidly. Stay attuned for more on Ivlyn Mutua. Brown Skin Girl Cover is available on Youtube.

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