Exclusive Interview With Kerrigan Barry.

Here is an exclusive interview with Kerrigan Barry.Read our interview with her below. Tell me a little about your childhood. Was it privileged?I grew up in a small suburb of Cleveland, OH, and I’m the middle child. My parents split up when I was 5, but they did a really solid job of staying in each others’ lives for the sake of my brother, my sister and I. That being said, I’d call my childhood privileged for reasons beyond the automatic association with the word. While I never went without any survival necessities, the more important…

Burna Boy Apologizes To His Fans

Burna Boy, has apologized to his fans for missing shows and bookings as of late. According to Burnerboy, he has been sick.The singer took to twitter on Sunday to apologize to his fans saying: “I’m deeply sorry to all the fans who came out to see me at Native Land, Rubies Lounge and Ghana Rocks. “Not turning up for these shows has been hard for me. “It’s been a very rough couple of days. But I’m feeling much better”